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Why Should You Hire an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer in Utah?

Posted by George Tait | Jul 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

Injuries resulting from burns are among some of the most devastating injuries that happen to people.  They are oftentimes life altering—of this there is no doubt.

Every year in the United States, hundreds of thousands of people experience burn injuries that require medical attention and hospitalization.  From car crashes to campfires, there are lots of accidents that can lead to serious, and even cause death.

If you have been burned as a result of someone's negligence you, in all likelihood, will need a burn injury lawyer. 

What Does A Burn Injury Attorney Do?

Burn injury attorneys work with people whom have been burned as a result of someone's negligence.  Hopefully someone did not intentionally cause the burn injury but the results from negligence, an accident, or carelessness. 

When you hire a burn injury attorney, they will help you to determine the party (or parties) responsible for your accident and injuries.  They'll also help you to get compensated for your injuries so you can move forward and focus on your recovery without financial stress.

Signs You Need to Hire A Burn Injury Attorney

Your Burn Injury Is Serious

If your burn occurred as a result of negligence and you are seriously burned—second or third degree burns, you are going to take months of treatment to recover as best you can.  Perhaps you're going to be off the job for several months.  Maybe you can't go back to work at all or will be dealing with a permanent disability.

When you experience a serious injury that affects your quality of life on a long-term or permanent basis, you deserve compensation that fairly places you back, as best we can, to a place you were before the injury.  Of course that financial compensation should look at all spheres of your life—now, and in the future.

You Can't Afford Your Medical Bills

Are medical bills piling up faster than you can pay them?  Do you have no idea how you're going to cover the costs of treatment and take care of all your regular bills and expenses?

When you experience a serious burn injury as a result of someone's carelessness, you shouldn't have to pay for your medical care out of your own pocket.  An attorney can help you keep the bill collectors at bay until you receive full compensation. 

Fault is Being Questioned

Are there arguments about who is responsible for your accident?  The typical approach by insurance companies is to blame the victim—even if it is not true.  If the person or company that injured you is blaming you for your own injuries you will need an attorney.  We conduct a complete and thorough investigation of your case assigning blame where blame lies. 

Your Settlement Offer is Not Right

Perhaps you have received an early offer to settle your claim.  But you feel that the amount is simply not enough to cover your past financial loss, little on your future loss, and all of the pain and suffering you have gone through.  Low ball offers never have to be accepted—always consult a lawyer before signing any offer because once you sign—you are done. 

How to Choose the Right Attorney

Ask About Areas of Expertise

A good starting point when you're searching for a qualified burn injury attorney is to ask about their areas of expertise.  Some personal injury attorneys only handle certain types of cases, such as car accidents.  To get the best legal advice and representation, make sure you hire someone who has experience handling burn injury cases like yours and knows how to navigate them.

Seek Someone with Trial Experience

In addition to finding an attorney who was worked on burn injury cases before, it's also a good idea to look for someone with trial experience.  Ideally, your case won't need to go to trial and will be settled outside of court.  If trial is necessary, you want an experienced trial attorney at your side who has the confidence and experience needed to represent you in court.

Consider Costs

Finally, don't forget about the financial side of things.

Many burn injury attorneys work on a contingency basis.  This means that you don't have to pay for their services until after your case is settled or tried in court.  They'll then receive a percentage of your settlement in exchange for their services. 

Why Hire George Tait Law

George Tait, before becoming an advocate for injury victims, was employed as a registered nurse at the University of Utah Intermountain Burn Center.  George is intimately aware of the devastating effects of burn injuries and has represented many burn injury clients over the years.

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Since 2004 George Tait has dedicated his practice to helping injured people and their families get fair and full compensation from the insurance companies. Before becoming an attorney George Tait was a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. The last years of his nursing career were in the Universit...


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