I was in my friend’s car heading home after a funeral when we were hit broadside by a large truck hauling a trailer. The truck had come through a red light and we had the right-of-way. My neck was fractured but there was no spinal cord damage. I am elderly and it took a long time for me to recover. George and his staff worked hard to get me a good settlement and they worked closely with Medicare making sure they were paid in full and my eligibility was not endangered by the settlement. Barb M.

I was driving my little car when another car went right through a stop sign and crashed into me. My airbag deployed but I seemed OK at the time. It took me a couple of days to recover but I had persistent hearing and balance problems. George found me the right doctors to find out what was wrong and we settled for a good amount of money. JA

It was late at night and I was a passenger in my friend’s car. I fell asleep and I guess my friend did too. The car crashed into a tree and the car flipped. I had a badly fractured leg and my front teeth were broken and shoved back and up into my mouth. My aunt referred me to George and they did a great job getting me the money I needed. They also found me a great dentist who fixed my teeth without worrying about payment until I settled with the insurance company. DMH

I was referred to George by an attorney friend of mine about a bite my daughter received. A neighborhood dog was out in the neighborhood and came on our property and bit my daughter on her cheek. There was a small puncture wound to her cheek. After my daughter was healed George suggested and we went to see a plastic surgeon to make sure no future medical expenses would be necessary. George worked hard on the case and waited until my daughter was fully recovered to settle with the dog owner’s insurance company that included future medical costs. George also set up a conservatorship for my daughter so her settlement funds will be protected for her future use. MS

George got me compensation so I could have the root canal performed again and compensation for my nearly 2 years of pain and suffering – all in all a pretty good deal. —BM

I went to a dentist and he put in a number of implants. I had numbness to my right lower face that persisted long after the implants were placed. The dentist repeatedly told me that this sometimes happens and it should get better. After a year and it did not get better I called George. There was nothing they could do to repair the damage to my inferior alveolar nerve but we settled the case. I am really happy with George and appreciate the work they did for me. —DH

George Tait and his team took great care of me, worth every visit and time spent with him and his team. He really know what he is doing and really communicates well with every step of the way in the process of helping you out. I hope i never have to deal with being injured in a car accident again but if i get lucky enough i will def go to him again. ???????? —JR