Slips and Falls Lawyers in Salt Lake City, UT

Slips and Falls Attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT

Injuries often result from what might be thought of as a simple slip or fall. Sometimes the slip or fall results in very serious injury and sometimes even death. It is often the case that the victim of a slip and fall is reluctant to bring a case because they feel foolish for having fell. It might be funny when Get Smart did it but when you are seriously injured by the negligence of others you should be compensated fairly and fully.

Salt Lake City Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases are also called premises liability cases. In Utah, the person or entity who possesses the property may be held responsible for slips and falls that occur on the property.

Essentially there are three types of people involved in a slip and fall case:

  • Invitee – one who has permission to enter or use another’s premises, either as a business visitor or as a member of the public. The person or entity granting permission has a duty to inspect and to warn of non-obvious dangers.
  • Licensee – one who has permission to enter or use the premises but only for his or her own purposes (such as a social guest).
  • Trespasser – one who enters the property of another without the consent of the person or entity who would have granted permission.

Rights in Slip and Fall Case

The rights and obligations of each party vary depending on the relationships between them and whether the slip and fall was caused by an open and obvious danger or a concealed (but known to the owner) danger.

Often we must prove that the possessor of the property knew or should have known of the condition that caused the slip and fall. This investigation is always fact intensive requiring thorough and detailed investigation. Slip and Fall attorney Salt Lake City experts are sometimes needed to show that a defect in the design of the property caused the slip and fall.

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