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In every semi-truck accident case we need to move quickly to secure important evidence to prove your truck accident case. Unlike a car crash case a semi-truck accident case can be much more complicated. We need to quickly investigate and secure evidence that might prove that the semi-truck company was responsible for the crash.

Who is  Responsible?

Semi-truck accidents are anything but accidents. Often they are caused by a combination of factors culminating in the inevitable – a crash and resulting severe injuries. In a  Salt Lake City truck accident case the semi-truck driver may be solely responsible but more often than not the semi-truck company can be held directly responsible.

A semi-trucking company might be responsible for a semi-truck crash if:

  • They failed to adequately train their drivers,
  • They hired semi-truck drivers that have poor driving records,
  • They failed to adequately investigate their drivers before hiring them,
  • Allowed or encouraged their drivers to violate federal and state law on driving hours,
  • Knowingly allowed or encouraged their drivers to text and drive,
  • Chose to ignore the probable use of drugs – especially amphetamines,
  • Knowingly allowed or encouraged their drivers to operate semi-trucks without following required maintenance standards dictated by federal and state laws and manufacturer recommendations.

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One of the most important pieces of evidence that must be secured promptly is the driver’s log book. State and federal regulations require that all semi-truck drivers keep a record of his or her driving hours, rest hours, status, mileage, and other important information. These records are invaluable in proving driver fatigue that may have contributed to the crash. When semi-truck drivers are fatigued it is the same as driving drunk. Usually the log books are only required to be kept for six months so you have to act quickly to preserve the evidence.

What typically happens is that insurance companies become involved and fair compensation to you is denied. It is ironic that if semi-truck insurance companies paid fair compensation to people their insured injured personal injury attorneys would be out of work. Imagine that for a moment. Insurance companies, who typically wage war against personal injury attorneys (and the good people we represent), could put us out of work. However, personal injury attorneys still have a job. Why is that? It is because semi-truck insurance companies refuse to pay people fair compensation for the injuries caused by the people and companies they insure.

Skilled  Salt Lake City Truck Accident Lawyer

Sometimes people cause a semi-truck crash because they are committing unlawful acts. Texting while driving and driving under the influence are examples of unlawful acts that may cause a semi-truck crash. In these types of truck accident cases you will need a skilled Salt Lake City truck accident lawyer to make sure the person committing the unlawful act and the company that condones or encourages the unlawful acts are held fully accountable for the harm they cause. There are many rules and regulations that need to be followed to receive full compensation.

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