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Many things can go wrong in the operating room — some are complications – some are preventable – others are not. They may be the result of negligence on the part of the facility, their staff, equipment failure or the negligence of the surgeon resulting in medical malpractice.

When a surgeon fails to obtain the consent of the patient in detailing the benefits, risks and viable alternatives to the surgery they are removing the patient’s rights to determine their own destiny in making an informed decision. When a surgeon severs a nerve and renders a person unable to walk and enduring pain for the rest of their life that is negligence. One of the tenets of health care is first to do no harm. If the surgeon does not know or cannot see what he or she is cutting they should not cut it. Performing surgery on the wrong limb is unforgivable because it is not only blatant negligence but it causes the patient to endure another operation to repair the original-intended operative limb — sometimes necessitating the removal or compromise of both limbs. The failure to position the patient correctly during surgery can lead to later discovered nerve damage and compartment syndrome as a result of compromised circulation.

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