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Pharmacies dispense medications to all age groups and it is becoming more and more important for pharmacies to take a more active role in ensuring that prescribed drugs are appropriate and that their interactions do not create dangerous situations that can seriously harm or even kill. Whether the pharmacy is located in the hospital or in the community it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to ensure that the correct medication that is ordered by your doctor is first of all the correct medication and secondly to make sure that that drug and amount is correct for you. For example, you may have chronic renal failure and many drug doses that are appropriate for others with fully functioning kidneys may not be the correct dose for you.

Gentamicin is a very potent aminoglycoside antibiotic that is sometimes used to fight very specific infections. The drug is administered intravenously directly into your blood system. The level at which the drug needs to be in your body to be effective in fighting the infection is peculiar to your body and as a result the level of the drug in your body needs to be monitored. The drug level needs to be monitored for two reasons. First to make sure that the level of the drug is at a high enough level to make sure that it is effective in fighting the infection. Second, the drug level in your system must be monitored to ensure that the drug amount in your system does not go too high. If the drug level gets too high in your system then you can suffer what is commonly called gentamicin toxicity that can damage your vistibular system and stop you from being able to balance.

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