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FAQ’s about Utah Dog Bites

I have been bitten and mauled by a dog – what should I do?

Obviously you should seek medical treatment and do everything your doctors tell you to do. You should also start keeping a journal to keep track of the who, what, where, when, why and how of you or your child’s treatment. The journal will prove invaluable later when the insurance companies try to minimize your or your child’s injuries. We suggest that you keep your journal electronically. Also try to keep a picture or video journal of your injuries and treatment.

I do not have medical insurance – will I be left with a lot of bills?

Tell your medical providers that you do not have insurance and they should bill the dog owner’s home-insurance company. If your doctors are not willing to do that they may be willing to provide treatment on a lien basis. This means that a doctor will provide care now and wait to be paid out of the proceeds of the case. We can help finding doctors that will provide care on a lien basis.

The insurance company wants me to make a recorded statement – should I?

You should never give a recorded statement without the assistance of a lawyer. You have no obligation to speak with the dog owner’s insurance company and if you are working with us simply have them call us. A good Salt Lake City dog bite lawyer will protect your rights to make sure an insurance company will not twist your words and use them against you later.

What should I be paid for when injured from a dog bite or dog mauling?

You should be compensated fully and fairly including:

  • past wage loss (wages you lose while getting better),
  • future wage loss (if you are unable to return to your job),
  • past medical costs (money spent treating your injuries),
  • future medical costs (money spent treating your injuries in the future),
  • household services (chores about your home that you would normally do if you were not injured),
  • pain and suffering (after all you did not cause the injury and now you are the one suffering),
  • psychological suffering (often the case on dog mauling cases).

Do I really need to hire an attorney – what if I do not have any money?

All good dental malpractice lawyers will take your case on a contingency basis meaning we advance all the costs for the case and wait to be paid only when we get money for you.

How does the money work out in the typical case?

Typically what happens, and only as an example, assume we settle your case for $100,000. Here is what happens:

Settlement: $100,000
Attorney fee (33.3%): $33,333
Costs advanced: $1,000
$34,333 -$34,333
Subrogation (pay medical bills): $20,000 -$20,000
Your proceeds: $45,667

Why are attorney fees so much?

Attorney fees are meant to compensate the attorney for his or her time spent working on the case. It includes attorney time spent dealing with adjusters and preparing your case for mediation, arbitration or trial if necessary. The fees also pay for paralegal time and overhead required to operate a modern legal practice. We keep our costs at a minimum using digital media and communicating electronically wherever possible.

Who will be working on my case?

At George Tait Law the primary attorney who will be working on your case is George Tait. Occasionally another attorney may work on your case for a short period of time if I am in trial or otherwise too busy but I will always supervise the other attorney to ensure your case is handled competently.

Can I call and see how my case is progressing?

Sometimes your case might not be progressing as fast as you might like. Sometimes we are waiting for medical records and sometimes we are waiting for medical providers or health insurance companies to get back to us before we finalize settlement. We are a relatively small firm and want you to call so you are fully informed about the status of your case – call any time!

What if I am on Medicare or Medicaid?

In order to make sure your Medicare or Medicaid coverage is not placed in jeopardy we work closely with Medicare and Medicaid to make sure they are paid back out of the proceeds of the case and protect your eligibility.

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