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Causes of Car Accidents in Salt Lake City

Someone else probably caused the car crash in which you were hurt. Whether that other person was speaking on a cell phone, making an improper turn or otherwise not paying proper attention, they are responsible for the crash. By not paying proper attention, they are negligent. We sue negligent people and hold them responsible (actually their insurance company) for the harms they cause.

Because the negligent person caused the car accident, they should be held responsible. We are not saying they are bad people. After all, we all make mistakes, we all have temporary lapses of attention. Regardless, you should be fairly and fully compensated because you are hurt. That is why we sue negligent people – to get you fair and full compensation – and to hold them responsible. We also sue people to protect our community.

What typically happens is that insurance companies become involved and fair and full compensation to you is denied. It is ironic that if insurance companies simply paid fair compensation to people their insured injured personal injury attorneys would be out of work. Imagine that for a moment. Insurance companies, who typically wage war against personal injury attorneys (and the good people we represent), could put us out of business. However, personal injury attorneys still have a job. Why is that? It is because insurance companies refuse to pay people fair and full compensation for the injuries caused by the people and companies they insure.

Sometimes people cause a car crash because they are committing unlawful acts. Texting while driving and driving under the influence are examples of unlawful acts that cause car crashes. In these types of cases you will need a skilled car accident lawyer to make sure the person committing the unlawful act is held fully accountable for the harm they cause. To receive fair and full compensation there are many technical rules and regulations that need to be followed.

Whether you were driving your own car in the crash or whether you were a passenger in a car that was crashed into by a negligent driver you should be compensated for your injuries. Even if you are hurt a passenger in the vehicle driven by a negligent driver you should be fairly compensated for your injuries. Finally, if you are injured while a pedestrian by a negligent driver you should be fairly and fully compensated.

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