Burn Injury


Before I became an attorney I was a registered nurse working at the University of Utah Burn Trauma Unit. I am certified in Acute Burn Life Support and have helped treat hundreds of burn injury victims. I worked at the burn unit for over ten years before I became an attorney representing injured people. I know the injuries and the severe life-altering effects those burn injuries can have on the injured person and their families. I know the intricacies of:

  • airway management and smoke inhalation injury,
  • shock and fluid resuscitation,
  • burn wound management,
  • electrical injury,
  • chemical burns,
  • pediatric burn injuries,
  • scalding injuries,
  • stabilization, transfer and transport,
  • radiation burns,
  • toxic epidural necrolysis, and
  • severe cold injuries.

Burn injuries can result while on the job and although workers compensation is often available you may have recourse to full compensation if the injury resulted from the negligence of others. If you were burned while on the job you will need a burn injury lawyer to help you get fair and full compensation.

I have a special place in my heart for burn injury victims and their families. To learn about how you can save yourself and your children from becoming a burn victim visit the Burn Prevention Foundation.

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