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Utah is a great place for bicycle riders. My favorite ride is up immigration canyon and then – legs willing- up East Canyon Road to East Canyon Reservoir and sometimes even as far as Morgan, Utah. I have ridden up Little Cottonwood and Big Cottonwood but the incline (I’m over 50 years old now) is getting too much for me. The traffic is also a little harrowing on the canyon roads. I used to ride my bicycle to work too when the weather is cooperating.

Bicycle Crashes in Utah

The worst thing about bicycle crashes of course is that there is little protection afforded the bicyclist. Even a relatively small clip of a bicycle by a passing car or truck can send the bicyclist flying through the air crashing to the pavement. There is law in Utah that forbids vehicle drivers from coming within three feet of a bicycle rider but I know that law is often violated.

One of the major problems facing bicyclists is what the experts call attenuation. Because vehicle drivers, for the most part looking out for other vehicles, that is what they see. In other words we all see what we are looking for. If we are not on the lookout for bicyclists we tend to not see them. You can help protect yourself by wearing bright colors and lights on your bicycle at night or in dull light conditions.

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