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For nearly 20 years, George Tait Law has protected the rights of injured citizens across Utah.  The circumstances accompanying traumatic injury including medical bills, fighting with the insurance, lost income, money worries, and the future are often overwhelming.  We are here to help with your burden.

Allow our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers located in Salt Lake City to fight for your financial needs while you take the time you need to heal. If you have been hurt because of the careless negligence of others we will help you get your life back by holding the person or party who caused your injuries responsible.

Injured in An Auto Accident in Utah?

When injured in a motor vehicle crash your whole world turns upside down. All of a sudden you are thrust into a situation where you are hurt and also have to deal with the insurance companies.

Our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers located in Salt Lake City understands the pressures you are under – you have concerns about being treated fairly and also wonder if life will ever return to normal.

We are a personal injury law firm representing the citizens of Utah.  We are located in Salt Lake City with a focus on:

  • Our client's needs to recover physically from their personal injuries by taking the burden of worry so you can work at the hard job getting better.
  • Our client's needs to recover financially and be fully compensated returning you to the best possible financial position.
  • Our client's needs to navigate treacherous insurance waters and help you emerge the tumultuous sea unscathed.
  • Our client's needs to be treated with respect and will deal with you honestly and professionally.

No Fee Until Our Utah Personal Injury Lawyers Are Successful

There is never any fee until our Utah personal injury attorneys Salt Lake City accident attorneys are successful in forcing the insurance company to pay you fairly. All of our work for you is on a contingency basis. That means that we advance all of the costs necessary to get you money from the insurance company. You pay us back our costs and pay our fee only after we are successful in getting money for you. If we are not successful in getting money for you, you never owe us anything.


Get Full Compensation For Utah Personal Injuries

We are honored to help fight for you against the insurance companies to and obtain fair and full compensation for the personal injuries caused by the negligence and carelessness of others. Our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City are prepared to deploy the full extent of the law to accomplish resolution including mediation, arbitration or trial is necessary.



George Tait Law Salt Lake City, UT Practice Areas

Providing the best legal representation in the State of Utah begins with focusing on our community's core personal injury needs. Our concentrated practice areas allow our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City deliver successful results through both out-of-court settlements and jury verdicts.

Our primary Salt Lake City, UT personal injury attorney practice areas include: 

No matter how your injuries occurred, our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City will implement outline a specific strategy specific to your accident, and your immediate and long-term financial and medical needs. Our objective is to ensure your expenses are fully covered by the person or party who caused your injuries. This can include pursuing their insurance provider and the wrong-doers personal finances, when necessary, to ensure you are compensated for all costs of your recovery.

Traffic and Auto Accident Statistics in Utah

If you are involved in a car accident or semi-truck accident in Utah, the healing process can be a long and trying experience without the help of a team of dedicated Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City at George Tait Law.

Traffic accidents with injuries are common in our state, and the Utah Department of Public Safety reports each year's records, including those from last year stating:

  • 51,690 motor vehicle accidents occurred throughout the state
  • 15,903 injuries resulted from those accidents
  • 256 fatalities resulted from those accidents

These statistics reflect:

  • A motor vehicle accident occurring every 8 minutes in the State of Utah
  • An injury from those accidents occurring every 33 minutes
  • A death from those accidents occurring every 35 hours

When someone in our community is injured our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City can help hold the negligent driver responsible for medical costs, lost wages, and the ther financial losses that occur.

Bicycle Accidents in Salt Lake City, UT

Utah, and especially Salt Lake City, is booming with bicycle-friendly neighborhoods that encourage our residents to ride to work, for exercise, and for recreational enjoyment. Like riders in all cities, bicyclists are vulnerable to vehicle traffic, and in severe danger from distracted drivers who are simply not paying attention. Negligent drivers who collide with bicyclists can cause severe injuries, including head, neck, and spine injuries that require extensive medical care that can last a lifetime.

The Utah Highway Safety Division reports bicycle accident statistics throughout the state, and reported these annual findings:

  • Utah had 463 bicycle crashes in 2020
  • Eight of our fellow citizens were killed when on a bicycle

When you are hurt while riding a bicycle, our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City can help you pursue the best possible financial recovery available for your injuries and circumstances.

Slips, Trips and Falls in Utah—Hidden Dangers

Slip, trip, and fall incidents in Utah can happen anywhere – any time. In public places, on private property where you are a guest, and on city streets. Injuries from these incident accidents can be severe. Most people are unable to brace for a fall when they do cannot see the dangerous conditions.

This can include slipping, tripping, or falling on: 

  • Slippery floors at a restaurant, grocery store, or mall
  • Cracked or uneven sidewalks or walkways
  • Poorly lit stairwells and parking areas
  • Lacking handrails or safety controls near dangerous areas

Each incident resulting in injury will differ, and so will the medical needs of each client. Our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City will help you discover the best path to recovery while holding the negligent property owner or operator accountable for your injuries.

Utah Burn Injury Victims

If you are involved in an incident accident where you suffered burn injuries, your recovery can be lengthy, painful, and life-changing. Individuals who suffer from burn injuries in Utah are often scarred, disfigured, and suffer suffering from the a long-term emotional trauma that requires a dedicated personal injury attorney to address. Burn injury victims require specialized care, compassion, and exceptional legal representation to ensure they have access to the best medical professionals and can pursue financial recovery that will encompass all their needs going forward.

George Tait, before becoming an attorney, was a registered nurse who worked in the Burn Trauma Unit at the University of Utah.  He knows the true impact that a severe burn can visit on injured burn victims. 

Dog Bite Accidents in Utah

Men, women, and children who suffer dog bite injuries can require extensive medical care for their physical and emotional distress. These injuries often require reconstructive surgery to improve the outer appearance of the wounds, and the muscle, tendon and ligament damage can cause life-long quality of life concerns for those who were bitten or attacked by a dog on public or private property. If you were attacked by a dog, contact our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City to get the help you need in holding the pet or property owner liable for your injuries.

Medical Malpractice and Dental Malpractice Attorney in Salt Lake City, UT

When people our clients pursue have medical or dental care, they place their trust in the practitioner. When this trust is betrayed and the practitioner fails to perform the care properly it is called medical negligence or medical malpractice. The resulting injuries are often devastating. In order to improve the quality of care in our communities, we strive to enforce the standards of care.

Our medical malpractice attorney, George Tait, spent over 15 years practicing as a registered nurse prior to becoming an attorney. This means we know what goes on behind closed doors and provides an unique perspective on the ways that things can go wrong—we also understand the medicine. 

If Our Utah personal injury attorneys located in Salt Lake City Do Not Win Your Case, You Do Not Pay

At George Tait Law, our Salt Lake City personal injury attorney represent each client on a contingency basis, which means if we do not win your claim, you do not pay. We understand that medical care, lost wages, other costs are out of your control when you are injured, and our law firm will provide the best representation available, so you are able to get the care you need without worrying about the expenses associated with getting the proper help. Once your personal injury case reaches an optimal settlement or is successfully earned through a jury verdict at trial, all upfront costs will be subtracted from the financial outcome, allowing you to focus on healing – not the costs associated with your injuries.

Contact Your Utah Personal Injury Attorney Located in Salt Lake City Today for a Free Consultation

If you have suffered an injury because of another's negligent careless actions or inactions, contact your personal injury attorney, George Tait, in Salt Lake City, UT Utah today at 801-487-7454 or toll free at 800-953-4811. We provide free, no-obligation legal consultations to review your case and provide the best options available to proceed with your case claim. Holding the person or company who whom caused your injuries accountable is the first step in pursuing financial recovery. Let's get started today.


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    George Tait and his team took great care of me, worth every visit and time spent with him and his team. He really know what he is doing and really communicates well with every step of the way in the process of helping you out. I hope i never have to deal with being injured in a car accident again... Read On

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    I went to a dentist and he put in a number of implants. I had numbness to my right lower face that persisted long after the implants were placed. The dentist repeatedly told me that this sometimes happens and it should get better. After a year and it did not get better I called George. There was ... Read On

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    George got me compensation so I could have the root canal performed again and compensation for my nearly 2 years of pain and suffering – all in all a pretty good deal. Read On

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Before becoming an attorney George Tait was a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. The last years of his nursing career were in the University of Utah Burn Trauma Intensive Care Unit helping care for burn victims. Read More

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