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Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog this Summer

Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog this Summer

Dogs are a man’s best friend and can be one of the most reliable companions in life. Having a furry side kick makes life less stressful and owners more active. Animals can be finnicky at times and act aggressively in certain situations. No one wants to be bitten by a dog it can be… Read More »

George Tait

Personal Injury We Practice

There are so many different types of personal injury that we do here at George Tait Law. Let’s explain the different areas that we practice! Here are the areas of personal injury that we cover: Car Accidents Car accidents vary from fatal to small fender benders. We look at any variation of a car… Read More »

Girl’s Nose Bitten Off by Dog

For most of us, we think that dogs are our protectors – cute buddies – our family members. We do not think that our dog will attack us or cause us harm. For the most part, this is true. However, there have been a few reported incidents of dogs attacking their owners, neighbors, and… Read More »

The True Injuries When Dogs Bite

I love dogs. I have owned a dog all of my life except for a few months recently when my two dogs died, one after the other. A dog has bitten me twice in my life. My dog bit me accidentally when we were wrestling on the floor and he drove his tooth through… Read More »

What is the Dog Bite Law in Utah?

The Statutory Law in Utah on Dog Bites reads: 18-1-1. Liability of owners — Scienter — Dogs used in law enforcement. Every person owning or keeping a dog shall be liable in damages for injury committed by such dog, and it shall not be necessary in any action brought therefor to allege or prove… Read More »

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