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Uploaded ToPhysician Burnout, Depression and Physician Error

Physician Burnout, Depression and Physician Error

Every job makes you tired. Whether it’s staring at a computer screen or being a trauma surgeon; everyone gets tired. Every job has a point where the employees burn out. When you burn out of a job, you care less about the quality of your work. You might not notice you are burning out…. Read More »

Stan Hugo Beechtree

Understaffing of Nursing Homes is Finally Being Discussed

There is a point when it is harder to live on our own. Our health deteriorates and we cannot take care of ourselves. Our families also don’t know how to take care of us so we wind up in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We put so much trust in these facilities to… Read More »

Dental Negligence Lawsuits

Dental Negligence Lawsuits

Negligence occurs when a practitioner either does something he or she should not do or fails to do something he or she should have done. When this act or failure to act results in harm a personal injury case results. Whether there is negligence on the part of a facility owner or your dentist,… Read More »

Davita Wrongful Death Suits

Denver Jury Favors Families in Wrongful Death Suits

Last month a shocking verdict was handed down in multiple lawsuits related to wrongful death. A federal jury in Denver, Colorado awarded the families in the wrong death lawsuits $383.5 million. Why did they get so much money? The Egregious Act The dialysis giant, DaVita, was the defendant in these wrongful death lawsuits. According… Read More »

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Is Your Hospital Padding the Bill?

The Story In 2014, French underwent a spinal-fusion surgery due to complications from a car accident. She had the surgery because her doctor warned her that even minor trauma, a fall or a trip for example, could cause paralysis. The pain of the recovery was immense but French said that she did not worry… Read More »

Do You Know Who is Treating You?

There are so many different kinds of medical professionals. Do you ever know who is treating you and asking your personal questions? We found some useful information that will help you know how long each profession has to go to school and their training. The Names First, we need to name the different medical… Read More »

We Can’t Multitask – Distracted Driving

Humans think that they can do anything. Multitasking is something that humans take pride in. Want to know something funny about that? Humans are horrible at multitasking. David L. Strayeris a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT. He studies how distracted driving affects people. He is an expert… Read More »

Woman Loses Ovaries, Uterus and Toes After IUD Ends Up in Stomach

Woman Loses Ovaries, Uterus and Toes After IUD Ends Up in Stomach

Late last week, an article was written about a woman named Tanai Smith. Smith is a 25-year-old Baltimore woman living a nightmare for the past few months. What happened to her was a tragedy and this blog will discuss what happened. What Happened? In 2014, Smith gave birth to a healthy baby girl. When she… Read More »

3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Not Admit Fault

3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Not Admit Fault

There are a few traits that humans share with each other. One trait is never wanting to be wrong or admitting that you are wrong. No one is exempt from feeling this way: not even doctors. However, there is this misconception that doctors can never be wrong or make a mistake. Having this thought… Read More »

raw milk

E. Coli Outbreak in Tennessee: Raw Milk Might be the Culprit

There is a trend happening where people just want to drink unpasteurized, raw milk—go all natural so to speak. You may think the taste better and it might actually be “better” for you but when something is not cleaned, you might get sick from it. You wouldn’t eat out of a moldy, dirty bowl,… Read More »

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