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Nursing Homes and Medical Malpractice

Nursing home and extended care facility negligence is medical malpractice and you should sue if it exists.

Premises liability aka slip & fall personal injury cases

Premises Liability – aka slip & fall personal injury

Maybe you have questions about what premises liability is. I’ll tell you what it is through story.

The Dangers of Aggressive Driving

Long commutes, stressful workdays, and traffic backups all combine to create tension on our freeways and roadways.

Bicycle Safety for Drivers

Topic: Bicycle Safety For Drivers No doubt, bicycles are growing in popularity nowadays, be it for physical exercise, saving the environment or money. It is also saving a lot of time by helping you avoid the traffic. But how many of us know the basic bicycle safety for drivers?  The thing that makes me… Read More »

Car Crashes – Are Injured People or Their Lawyers Lying?

Are people really injured in a car crash or are they lying


5 Common Cases of Medical Malpractice

When you go to the doctors when you are not feeling well you expect the issue will be taken care of. At least explained and treatment advised. If you are not properly treated, what you originally came in for might get worse and could be life-altering. Even with years of schooling and experience doctors… Read More »


When Things Go Wrong at the Dentist

Some people have a fear of going to the dentist, there is sedation dentistry to help those individuals. There are others that going to the dentist is only a twice a year check-up. Either way, when going to the dentist, everyone expects a hassle-free experience. Although, there are those times when more than just… Read More »


When a Medical Instrument Goes Missing

Have you seen that Snickers commercial? That one where a nurse’s phone is left inside the patient after surgery? Although this commercial makes light of the matter, losing a medical instrument during a surgery can lead to unnecessary pain, distress, even death. The last thing you should be thinking of when going under the… Read More »

School Bus

Fall is in the Air – Driver and Pedestrian Safety

It’s that time of year again, school is starting up which means more people on the road during rush hour. Whether you are walking, biking, or driving to your destination there a few things to remember to keep everyone safe. Drivers, obey the traffic laws, pay attention, and be defensive in driving. Pedestrians, be… Read More »

Summer Slips

Summer Slips

It’s the dog days of summer and temperatures are heating up and people are heading to the pools for relief. Pools or waterparks are fun and relaxing they are also dangerous. Water makes surfaces slick, regardless pool owners have a duty to reasonably care in the design, construction and maintenance of the pool and… Read More »

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