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Category Archives: Bicycle Accidents Blog

School Bus

Fall is in the Air – Driver and Pedestrian Safety

It’s that time of year again, school is starting up which means more people on the road during rush hour. Whether you are walking, biking, or driving to your destination there a few things to remember to keep everyone safe. Drivers, obey the traffic laws, pay attention, and be defensive in driving. Pedestrians, be… Read More »

bicycle rider

Five Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

The weather is picking up in Utah and summer is just around the corner. Do you know what that means? Bicycles. Bicycles everywhere! This is the time of year that people ride their bikes to work or school instead of drive. However, this is also the time of year where there are more instances… Read More »

Bicycle Helmets: Why You Always Need to Wear One

Bicycle Helmets: Why You Always Need to Wear One

Remember when you were little and your mom would always make you wear a helmet? You thought it was stupid. One day you’re riding your bike with your friends without your helmet to be cool to your friends when it happens: you hit a hole in the road and you fall off your bike…. Read More »

George Tait

Personal Injury We Practice

There are so many different types of personal injury that we do here at George Tait Law. Let’s explain the different areas that we practice! Here are the areas of personal injury that we cover: Car Accidents Car accidents vary from fatal to small fender benders. We look at any variation of a car… Read More »

Bicycle Crash in Sandy Utah in Construction Zone

Bicycle accidents occur when riding for leisure and bicycle accidents can happen when you are commuting.Bicycle crashes can occur because motor vehicle drivers are not paying attention and hit the bicyclist.However, besides vehicle drivers, there are other causes of bicycle crashes. One of the most frequent causes of bicycle crashes is construction areas.When work… Read More »

Utah Bicycle Law 101

There is a terrific website for bicycle riders in and around Salt Lake City called The site should be of interest to road and trial riders alike. They had a recent article discussing the recent bicycle accident involving Fox 13 News anchor Kerri Cronk. They also have a terrific article titled Bike Law… Read More »

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