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Bicycle Safety for Drivers

Posted by George Tait | Dec 13, 2020 | 0 Comments

Topic: Bicycle Safety For Drivers

No doubt, bicycles are growing in popularity nowadays, be it for physical exercise, saving the environment or money. It is also saving a lot of time by helping you avoid the traffic. But how many of us know the basic bicycle safety for drivers? 

The thing that makes me upset is how the majority of cyclists don't follow enough safety rules like using helmets, bell alerts, and many more. That's why every year many cyclists are met with death-dealing road accidents. Those of them who take proper safety steps, faceless damage than those who don't. 

So, are you searching for an ultimate safety guide to protecting yourself during those unexpected events? My cycling expert team got your back, like usual. Follow these safety tips to avoid major injuries while cycling and don't forget to read the bicycle buying guide in the last section.

Let's jump right in…

Bicycle Safety For Drivers

Bike Maintenance: Just like all other vehicles, a bicycle even needs to be maintained properly. You have to check its brakes, bell alerts, chain, and paddles. You should keep your tire inflated all the time. Consider taking professional's help to tune it up completely a few times in a year.

Bike Adjustments: We all come with different body weight, height, and shape. It's not possible that every bicycle should fit us with our body measurement. But a bicycle can be adjusted as per our needs are. Ask your bike shop to make the necessary adjustments for you.

Accessories: The most essential accessory for a cyclist is a helmet. It can save your head from getting severely injured in road accidents. Our head is the most delicate part of our body and wearing a helmet reduces the possibility of head injuries in road accidents. You can use bell alerts, front and rear lights, GPS computers for your bike's safety.

Dressing: You should wear a light t-shirt while going on bicycle rides. Try getting reflective clothes for nighttime rides as reflective clothes can make you more visible to other road users. This will prevent others from crashing with you. You can buy padded shorts to protect your legs in unexpected crash events. 

Stay Predictable: While riding on busy roads, ride like other road users can predict you easily. You can use your hands as signals while taking turns or slowing down. This can save you from getting pushed by the vehicles running behind you while taking turns or slowing down.

 You can also try making eye contact with other road users. This will keep you safe on busy roads.

Watch For Obstacles: There are many kinds of obstacles on the roads. Be careful of puddles, trunks, gravel, and many other things that come on your way. When riding in the city area, don't forget to slow down when passing manhole covers and sewer gates. Otherwise, you should fall and get hurt. 

Watch For Kids: If you're crossing a place and there are kids playing then you better be extra cautious. Kids are unpredictable and they are unaware of dangers so slow down while crossing kids' school and park areas.

Be Patient: Having patience is the most important tip to avoid road accidents. When the lane is too narrow and there's enough traffic, be patient. Don't try to pass through little spaces. Otherwise, your bike could get crushed with other expensive vehicles, causing their car and your bike a huge loss. 


Bicycles are more at risk on the road compared to other vehicles like cars, SUVs, pickups, and buses. That's because bicycles are very lightweight and thus, they are more prone to damage. When a heavy vehicle hits a bicycle, obviously the bicycle will get damaged more. So you have to be very careful and patient on busy roads with heavy vehicles. Taking all the necessary safety steps can help you reduce damages to some extent. But it's better if you can avoid busy roads while cycling. 

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