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Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog this Summer

Avoid Being Bitten by a Dog this Summer

Dogs are a man’s best friend and can be one of the most reliable companions in life. Having a furry side kick makes life less stressful and owners more active. Animals can be finnicky at times and act aggressively in certain situations. No one wants to be bitten by a dog it can be scary if it’s a vicious situation. Dog bites are painful, can cause nerve damage, and become infected putting the victim at risk for severe illness, scarring or even death.

How to avoid a Dog Bite

Dog owners are responsible to ensure that people are safe around their pet. Visitors are also responsible for their actions around an animal and should take precautions to avoid an unfavorable situation. When petting someone’s dog, ask the owner permission before doing so. Greet the dog and let them smell you before reaching out to pet it. Never encourage the dog to play aggressively or disturb a dog while sleeping, eating or tending to puppies.

If you don’t want to interact with an unfamiliar dog, stay calm, don’t make any sudden movements or run away. In a deep firm voice tell the dog “No!” or “Go home!”. Never directly face the dog, rather stand with your body slightly turned or completely to the side. At this point, either slowly back away or wait for the dog to move along.

What to do if Attacked

If a dog attack occurs, put something between you and the dog like a purse, jacket, blanket, or pillow. If the dog aggressively knocks you over, curl into a ball tuck and cover your ears and neck with your arms. Once safe, do a body check and immediately wash any wounds with soap and water. Minor wounds apply an anti-biotic cream or cleaner, cover with a clean bandage and monitor the wound. If the area appears red, painful, warm, or swollen or if you come down with a fever, seek medical attention. Deeper wounds need pressure applied with a clean dry cloth to stop the bleeding. If bleeding persists and the wound is painful, if you feel faint, functionality is hindered, muscle or bone is exposed, seek local emergency services.

When to Report a Bite

If the dog appears sick or acts strangely report the incident to local authorities.  Since there is a risk of rabies, attempt to contact the owner and make sure the dog is current on vaccinations. The owner needs to provide the rabies vaccine license number, the veterinary office that the shot came from and their name, address and phone number.

George Tait Law

Dogs can bring a lot of happiness in our lives, and a lot of responsibility. There is an unspoken responsibility for dog owners and visitors, but if a dog attacks the owner needs to be held responsible. George Tait Law has experience in handling dog bite cases and can help you with your case. They will assist you in finding the owner if necessary and prove, with the testimony of experts, the severity of injuries both physically and psychologically and much more.

Our information source is cited in the article.  If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions about your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm. 


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