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3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Not Admit Fault

3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Not Admit Fault

3 Reasons Why Doctors Might Not Admit Fault

There are a few traits that humans share with each other. One trait is never wanting to be wrong or admitting that you are wrong. No one is exempt from feeling this way: not even doctors. However, there is this misconception that doctors can never be wrong or make a mistake. Having this thought in the back of their minds, do they ever confess their mistakes? There are a few reasons doctors refuse to admit wrongdoing.

  1. Their Jobs are at Risk

Everyone fears losing their jobs if/when they mess up.  Having that job security is something that we all strive for. However, when helping people how doctors do, that job security isn’t as strong. If they admit to a mistake, they could be seen are incompetent or not good at their jobs. This would be grounds for job termination and they do not want to be fired.

  1. Confidence

Have you ever been told you messed up on something that you know you’re good at? It chops down your confidence a bit—right? Imagine being told that you messed up and you have worsened someone’s life? I couldn’t imagine that happening to myself let alone my doctor. When you don’t have the confidence you used to have, you make more mistakes. Doctors are not exempt from feeling like their confidence is gone. It is hard to admit your mistake and then move forward with confidence.

  1. Reputation

When a doctor admits a mistake, their reputation takes a hit. Someone’s reputation is built on other people’s trust. If a doctor makes a mistake and then admits it, that patient might not come back to that doctor. Not only that but the distrustful patient will no longer refer others to this doctor. Once that trust is broken, it is hard to regain it. Losing patients because of a mistake will hurt a doctor’s reputation. They might not get that reputation back.

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