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E. Coli Outbreak in Tennessee: Raw Milk Might be the Culprit

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E. Coli Outbreak in Tennessee: Raw Milk Might be the Culprit

There is a trend happening where people just want to drink unpasteurized, raw milk—go all natural so to speak. You may think the taste better and it might actually be “better” for you but when something is not cleaned, you might get sick from it. You wouldn’t eat out of a moldy, dirty bowl, would you? No, you wouldn’t.

Tennessee: E. Coli Outbreak in Children

In Tennessee, ten children are in the hospital after drinking raw milk. E. Coli spread to their system to the point of kidney failure in four of the children. Usually, Eastern Tennessee sees about 20 E. Coli cases a year. E. Coli strains come from contact with fecal matter of animals. Those that went to the dairy farm these children were at may have been in contact with contamination. The children in the hospital spent time at the French Broad Farm. Touching dirty animals or drinking raw milk is a cause of getting E. Coli. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are contacting those at risk.


So, it is uncommon for them to see such a high spike in children getting this disease. “We are concerned that some of these cases do have exposure to the consumption of raw milk”, says Dr. Joe Childs. Childs is the director of the PICU. Dr. Martha Buchannan says that people drinking raw milk need to understand that they are taking a risk.


If you are around farm animals especially, wash your hands before you eat anything. It is also important to know where your food comes from. Unpasteurized milk is not the only culprit causing E. Coli infections. Recently, there was a lettuce recall because of a national outbreak of E. Coli. Be aware and conscious of what you are putting into your body.

It seems to be a common trend in Utah to drink raw milk. Be more cautious about where you get your milk from and the places you go to see farm animals. Make sure your kids wash up after touching said animals! Be safe!

Our information source is cited in the article.  If you were involved in this incident or a similar incident and have questions about your rights and options, call us or another reputable law firm.

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