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Distracted Driving: Men vs Women

Distracted Driving: Men vs Women

distracted driving: men vs women

It is an eternal fight on which gender is better than the other at many things. Which gender is the better driver is hotly argued. Recently, there have been statistics released that help conclude which gender is better. Would you like to read the results?

There are a few categories these statistics draw from: gender, generation, and marital status. We thought that the marital status section was the most interesting. We never would have thought that would have even been a category!


Drumroll please! It has been found that WOMEN are more likely to concentrate while driving! Now, what were the stipulations? So, 42.8% of women compared to 32.4% of men say they concentrate on driving. However, women are twice more likely than men to “groom themselves” behind the wheel. This means that women are more likely to brush their hair, do their makeup and even pluck their eyebrows. Both genders are equal when it comes to texting and driving or playing with their phones while driving at around 45%.

What’s interesting is that men are more likely than women to speed, drive under the influence, and drive while fatigued. Wonder why …


Is it any surprise that millennials are the most likely of any generation to be distracted? Just looking at how much social media runs the lives of millennials, it’s really no surprise. Only 35.4% of millennials concentrate while driving while 46.1% of baby boomers claim to concentrate while driving. Millennials are almost six times more likely to drive under the influence than baby boomers. Millennials are also almost four times more likely to text while on the go than baby boomers. No surprises there!

Marital Status

This is a category we never thought of to contribute to distracted driving. However, after reading these numbers it makes sense. People that are married or in a relationship are most likely to speed. They are followed by singles and divorcees. Unsurprisingly, singles are the most likely to fix their appearance while driving. Always got to look good if someone attractive is at your destination!

Be aware of what you’re doing while you’re driving. It is sometimes astonishing to notice how you distract yourself when you drive. Be careful out there!

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