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Drunk & Uninsured Driver Causes Crash – What Now?


On Thursday March 3, 2011 the Salt Lake Tribune reported a man was driving north on 550 West in Provo when he drifted into the south-bound lane crashing head-on with another vehicle. In total four vehicles were involved in the crash. Three women were seriously injured. The man was allegedly drunk. The man was being held at Utah County Jail charged with DUI, driving without insurance, driving with a suspended driver license and other violations, including driving intoxicated with a minor in the car.

jail for drunk driverBecause this driver that clearly caused the crash was not insured where do the injured women get the money to compensate them for their injuries? The answer is sometimes heartbreaking and can serve as a lesson for the rest of us.

The three women might turn to their own insurance called uninsured coverage. Uninsured coverage is what you purchase yourself in the anticipation of a crash just like this – where the other driver is not insured. In other words you insure yourself against the person who causes the crash just in case he is not carrying any insurance coverage. Each of these women would turn to their own coverage if they have it or a family member’s coverage if they are in a home of a properly insured.

When insurance companies sell insurance they often will allow the purchaser to waive the uninsured coverage. This is a mistake – you should never waive uninsured coverage and in fact should purchase as much as you can afford. This is especially true now because with tough economic times many people are driving their vehicles without insurance coverage and you need to be prepared for this eventuality just like the women in the case above.

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