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Car Accidents are Life-Altering Events

One moment all seems fine with you, your family and friends.Then you are in that terrible crash. Car accidents are one of the most devastating events than can permanently alter your life trajectory.

Instead of being the breadwinner and stalwart of your family you might find yourself dependent on others for even your own basic needs.Your career might be a forgotten dream, that promotion put on hold or that all-important project melts away.

You now have another occupation.You are now a full-time medical patient recovering from a serious car wreck.You are worried – worried about the finances – worried if you will recover – worried about being the man or the woman you were before the crash.

Devastating Car Accidents

Car accidents can be devastating and send your life into a tailspin.I wish I could wave a wand and fix all the damages that occur – both physical and mental.I wish I could fix all of the injuries brought about by the crash and make sure the insurance companies look after you the way they promised to.I do not have a magic wand.

What I do have is the law and the courts.We are fully vested in making sure that the insurance companies pay what they should to compensate you fairly and fully for the harms and losses caused to you by the other driver.

This is our first blog of what will be many posts of car accidents in and around Utah.We will be looking at the causes of car crashes and how the law is used to compensate car accident victims.

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